Monona County Community Partners Foundation Awards 2024 Grants

The Monona County Community Partners Foundation (MCCPF) awarded grants totaling over $128,000 to nonprofit organizations in support of projects and programs throughout Monona County on April 20.  “Since the Monona County Community Partners Foundation was first established, it has granted a total of over $1.7 million in grants to non-profit organizations and projects that make Monona County a better place,” says Chip Collison, MCCPF Advisory Board Chair.  The following grants were awarded:

Name – Project Title – Grant Amount

Blencoe Volunteer Fire Department – Truck Project – $10,800.00

Castana Volunteer Fire Department – Fire Station Addition – $15,000.00

City of Soldier – New Warning Siren – $15,000.00

Daughters of the American Revolution-Onawa – DAR Memorial Renovation – $1,000.00

Fisher Whiting Memorial Library – STEM – at the Library – $3,200.00

Magic Depot Child Care Center – Magic Depot Updates – $1,476.00

Mapleton Rotary – Ring House Roof  – $3,000.00

MCYLA – Mapleton Castana Youth League Assoc. – Little League Fields Improvements – Red Ball – $7,000.00

Midwest Honor Flight – SUX Midwest Honor Flight – $2,000.00

Monona County Community Partners Foundation – Marketing and Philanthropy – $1,000.00

Monona County Conservation Board – Peters Park Modern Cabin – $10,000.00

Moorhead Rescue – Autoloader  – $10,000.00

Onawa Public Library – Restroom and Drinking Fountain Accessibility – $7,500.00

Onawa Volunteer Fire Department  – Emergency Communication – $9,000.00

The Monona County Fair Association – Show Barn Accessibility Improvements – $8,500.00

Ute Ambulance Service – SCBA AIR TANKS – $6,400.00

Ute Town and Country – Bathroom Accessibility Upgrade – $4,500.00

Whiting Volunteer Fire/Rescue Department – Increasing Service Life of Turnout Gear – $13,000.00

The MCCPF is an affiliate of the Siouxland Community Foundation (SCF). SCF provides administrative and technical support to MCCPF. SCF was established in 1988 and is a nationally accredited community foundation. By using the SCF as a vehicle for accepting charitable gifts and distributing them through scholarships and grants to the community, MCCPF is able to connect people who care, with causes that matter.