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Serving Siouxland… For Good. For Ever.

The Siouxland Community Foundation helps donors fulfill their charitable goals. When creating a fund within the Foundation, you, the donor, determine its purpose. Do you wish to support the arts …assist the elderly …support a nonprofit organization of personal interest …enhance a neighborhood or community …bring programs to schools …feed the hungry …provide scholarships to students …address community health issues …plant trees …or provide a safe place for children to play? 

Donors do not give to the community foundation; they give to their community… through a community foundation. 

Many years ago, a group of community leaders recognized the need to establish a lasting legacy for Siouxland. By their design, a flexible vehicle, known today as the Siouxland Community Foundation, was created. The Foundation provides a way for Siouxlanders from all walks of life to give something back to the community, knowing their gifts will make a positive and perpetual difference. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which allows you to receive the maximum tax deduction at the time of your gift. Your gift may also be eligible to receive the Endow Iowa 25% State Tax Credit

A community Foundation provides a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving. 

You can realize nearly any charitable objective by choosing from a variety of fund types offered by the Foundation. Our staff are experts in understanding the needs of the communities we serve. This allows our staff to help you target your grantmaking to do the most good. 

Contact our team at or 712-293-3303 to start a conversation about reaching your charitable goals. 

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