$47.4 Million in Assets

The incredible generosity of people means we are here for good for the communities we serve.


As of December 31, 2023, the Siouxland Community Foundation and our 16 affiliates held $45.4 million in total assets that allow us to carry out our mission forever.
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$55+ Million in Grants

Since we were founded in 1988, we’ve provided grants to our communities in excess of $55 million.


The Siouxland Community Foundation grants approximately $3 million each year to help fulfill our vision of creating a vibrant region of thriving people.
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Managing over 225 Funds

We currently have over 225 funds helping to make an impact right here in our communities.


in the areas of Arts and Culture, Community Betterment, Education and Youth Development, Environment and Animal Welfare, Health, and Human Service.
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Establish a Fund

Individuals, families, private foundations, and businesses can use the Community Foundation as their vehicle for charitable giving.

I Have a Need

Helping Siouxland’s young people achieve their dreams.

Make a Gift

Individuals, families, private foundations, and businesses can use the Community Foundation as their vehicle for charitable giving.

Funds for Impact...

Walsh Donor Advised Fund

Dr. Patrick and Lori Walsh were compelled to start a donor-advised, pass-through fund at the Foundation because they could easily make and track all of their charitable donations through one entity. Additionally, by giving a larger donation to their fund on the years they itemize, they maximize the tax benefit of their gift, yet are still able to direct grants to nonprofits, tax-favored, in non-itemized years.

Maxwell Scholarship Fund

E.E. “Doc” & Helen Maxwell were lifelong residents of Moville, Iowa. As they were aging and wanting to begin planning their life’s legacy, they decided to give prior to their passing - wanting to see their gift in action. They created the E.E. & Helen Maxwell Family Scholarship Fund. This endowed scholarship has created multiple scholarships for Woodbury Central High School Seniors, helping support and encourage the next generation of students and alumni.

Hiller Designated Fund

Beverly Jean Hiller had a passion for giving. In her estate plan, Beverly designated a portion of her estate for the benefit of the Grand Meadow Heritage Center in rural Washta, Iowa. Upon her death, she gifted 230+/- acres of land and cash to the Siouxland Community Foundation (SCF) to create the "Beverly Hiller Heritage Fund." SCF administered the land auction and pointed all proceeds, along with cash donations from the estate, to this designated fund that provides a consistent stream of income for the preservation of her childhood school and the community she cared about so deeply.