Hartley Community Foundation Awards Grants to Daycare and Trail

The Hartley Community Foundation (HCF), an affiliate of the Siouxland Community Foundation, recently awarded grants to two local non-profit projects. Grants were awarded to Hartley Community Daycare for their expansion efforts and the Hartley Improvement Foundation for the bicycle trail.

“The Hartley Community Foundation is pleased to play a role in helping our community,” said Marjean Westerman HCF Advisory Board Chair.  “The Hartley Community Foundation is here to benefit the residents of Hartley and the non-profit organizations that serve it. Each year we provide grants to our community from our endowment distribution. This year the daycare and trail projects will each receive $700.” 

The HCF is a tax-exempt charitable organization created by and for the people of Hartley to provide long term community benefits.   The Community Foundation serves as a vehicle to receive contributions from individuals, families, businesses, other foundations, and organizations.  Grants are awarded in support of present and emerging needs within Hartley in such areas as arts and culture, community betterment, education, environment, health, and human services.

The HCF was established in 2006 through affiliation with the Siouxland Community Foundation which provides technical assistance and support.  Those currently serving on the HCF Advisory Board include Chair Marjean Westerman, Connie Olhausen, Rob Jacobs, Lanette Bates, Duane Kolpin, Dr. Mark Schulz, and Ronald Sterk.

Contributions for the Hartley Endowment Fund can be sent to the Hartley Community Foundation at 505 5th Street, Ste 412, Sioux City, IA 51101.  Gifts to the endowment fund are restricted and only the investment earnings are awarded, so the benefit to the Hartley community will last forever. All contributions are tax-deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law. 

 Questions regarding the Hartley Community Foundation or about establishing a fund to carry out personal charitable interests that will benefit Hartley, may be directed to Katie Roberts, Executive Director of the Siouxland Community Foundation at 712-293-3303.