United Airlines Trust Fund

Application Available: February 15
Application Deadline: May 15
Final Determinations: Mid-June

In appreciation of Siouxland’s response to the United Flight 232 incident in July of 1989, United Airlines established a Fund within the Foundation.

Organizations recognized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualified units of government serving the greater Siouxland tri-state area (defined as a general 50-mile radius of Sioux City, Iowa), are eligible to receive grants from this Fund.

According to the terms set forth by United Airlines, two-thirds of the annual net income from this Fund is allocated for scholarships. The remaining one-third is available for community grants for projects that meet the following criteria:

1) Promote, advance, advertise or facilitate the development of social services, counseling, guidance, health care, or crisis planning which may be utilized in the event of a community crisis or health hazard.

2) Establish, conduct and promote public education such as seminars which enable or enhance the Siouxland community’s ability to respond to a crisis, or which may otherwise promote public safety.

3) Organize, assist, train or promote the development of any civic organization, agency, or public official which may be called upon to respond to a crisis in the community.

4) Provide social services, health care and train public personnel who may be called upon to respond to any community disaster.

5) Promote or provide any other community-based activity which serves to promote public safety.

Grants generally do not exceed $2,500.

Each year the Foundation receives many more requests than it can support, compelling the Board to make funding decisions based on the number of proposals received, worthiness of the project, relative need, and potential impact – resulting in the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

United Airlines Trust Fund Grant Application

Past Grant Award Recipients