Akron Community Foundation Gift Pushes Endowment Over One Million

Mike Hohenstein, Advisory Board Chair of the Akron Community Foundation (ACF), an affiliate of the Siouxland Community Foundation, is proud to announce a major gift of $100,000 to their endowment fund. “This wonderful gift from Mary and John Lucken to the Akron Community Foundation pushes our endowment over $1,000,000,” said Hohenstein. “This is not the first time Mary and John have given such a generous gift. By donating to a fund that is endowed and grants to many charitable, Akron projects, they are making a lasting impact to enrich the community in which they live.”

The endowment ensures ACF will be able to award grants for the exclusive benefit of the Akron community in perpetuity as only earnings from the endowment are spent. “The Akron Community Foundation makes it easy for us to give back to many different causes we care about and invest in the future of the place we call home,” says John Lucken.

ACF runs a yearly grant process and local nonprofits and units of local government that serve the Akron community can apply for a grant. ACF is currently accepting grant applications and the deadline is February 1. Nonprofit organizations can apply for grants in the areas of arts and culture, civic affairs, education, health, and human services. “The Akron Community Foundation was created in 2001 to benefit the Akron Community,” says Hohenstein. “ACF is a vehicle in our community that can accept charitable gifts of all types, such as cash, estate gifts or even gifts of land.” The Akron Community Foundation assets currently exceed $1,060,000 with this new contribution and ACF has awarded more than $345,000 in grants to the Akron community since the endowment was created.

Applications are accepted on-line at www.siouxlandcommunityfoundation.org under the affiliate tab. Questions about the application process should be directed to the ACF Administrative Office within the Siouxland Community Foundation at (712) 293-3303.