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Books for Operation Reading

How to Create a Fund

Individuals, families, private foundations, and businesses can use the Community Foundation as their vehicle for charitable giving. The Community Foundation provides assurance that all funds will be professionally managed and used for the purpose(s) intended. Establishing a fund is easy and simple to accomplish.

Create Your Legacy

  1. CHARITABLE GOALS – Establish your charitable goals-scholarships, fight hunger, enhance a neighborhood; you determine the purpose of your gift.
  2. DECIDE WHEN TO GIVE – tax deductions are earned at the time of the gift.
  3. DECIDE WHAT TO GIVE AND HOW MUCH – Select the asset to start your fund-almost any kind of asset can be used
  4. CHOOSE THE NAME FOR YOUR FUND – Name your fund-donor’s name, named memorial, charitable purpose even anonymously.
  5. DETERMINE WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM YOUR FUND – Determine who will benefit-who benefits may be defined as broadly or as narrowly as you desire.
  6. CHOOSE A TYPE OF FUND – Select which type of fund offered by the Foundation would be best suited to carrying out your charitable interests and degree of involvement the good works your gift makes possible.
  7. MEET WITH FOUNDATION – Contact the Siouxland Community Foundation,, explore gifting and fund options and review the documents for establishing your fund.
  8. CREATE THE FUND – Create your fund-sign the fund agreement to establish your fund.
Al Haynes - Flight 232 Scholarship Fund

Al Haynes – Flight 232 Scholarship Fund

Creating a charitable fund through SCF gives you the opportunity to benefit your community. Your gift will be invested and earnings from your fund are used to make grants. Your gift-and all future earnings from your gift-allows you to do good work forever.

There is so much more we’d like for you to know. For more information and ideas on ways to integrate your financial planning with charitable giving, ask your financial advisor or contact the Siouxland Community Foundation – 712-293-3303.

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Types of Funds
Ways to Give

Benefits to Donors

Giving through the Siouxland Community Foundation offers distinct advantages.

SIMPLICITY – There is no set-up fee to create a fund and a minimum of paperwork is required.

EFFICIENCY – One contribution to the Community Foundation can address a wide range of donor interests to benefit one or a number of community needs and nonprofit organizations.

PERMANENCEA gift to create an endowment fund will continue to provide benefits in perpetuity . . . For good. For ever.

FLEXIBILITY – Donors can realize nearly any charitable intent by choosing from among the variety of fund types offered by the Foundation. All types of funds can be tailored to meet donor needs and interests. Great flexibility is also offered in the ways to give. A wide variety of assets can be considered for making a contribution. The Community Foundation can accept gifts of cash, securities, real estate, personal property, or life insurance. Contributions can be made during a donor’s lifetime and/or through bequests and other planned giving arrangements. Funds can also be established with pledges payable over a period of time.

CONVENIENCE – Establishing a fund with the Community Foundation is less costly and time consuming than handling it yourself. We handle all of the paperwork, record keeping and administrative details in our office.

DONOR INVOLVEMENT – Donors can choose the level of involvement in grant making from their fund which ranges from having the Foundation make all grant making decisions, to designating an organization(s) to perpetually benefit, to donor making ongoing recommendations for grants.

TAX BENEFITS – The Internal Revenue Service has classified the Foundation as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, all contributions to the Foundation are deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law. In most cases, tax deductions for gifts to a community foundation outweigh those using assets to establish a private foundation. Donors making contributions to a permanent endowment fund after January 1, 2005 may be eligible to receive an Endow Iowa tax credit.

FEWER RESTRICTIONS – The Siouxland Community Foundation is not subject to many of the rules imposed on private foundations, such as payout requirements or excise taxes.

PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY – Funds administered by the Foundation are pooled for investment purposes which provide optimum investment diversification for individual funds of any size. Professional investment management is closely monitored by our Finance and Investment Committee and our Board of Directors. All grants as well as gifts received are detailed in our annual report. In addition, a professional independent audit is performed annually.

STEWARDSHIP – Staff and board of directors are dedicated to providing lasting stewardship of the charitable funds entrusted to the Community Foundation so charitable gifts will benefit Siouxland forever.

SHARED INTERESTS – We work with you, the donor, to guarantee that funds are distributed according to your intent. Our grant making services help you support the needs and organizations that you care about most.

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Reasons People Choose to Give Through the Community Foundation

Charles & End Horton Hawarden Community Foundation

Charles & End Horton Hawarden Community Foundation

Ways to Give

The Siouxland community benefits from both large and small gifts given through the Community Foundation. You don’t have to be wealthy to make a difference. You can have a lasting impact on the quality of life in Siouxland, right here, right now, and for years to come. Gifts to endowment funds are gifts that continue to enhance the quality of life in Siouxland year after year. For good. For ever.  Our gift acceptance policy is available upon request by contacting

All contributions to the Community Foundation are deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law. Choose from the following options for giving through the Community Foundation to make a lasting difference in Siouxland:

CASH – The easiest way to contribute and may qualify for maximum allowable income tax deductions. Checks should be made payable to the Siouxland Community Foundation and may be designated for a specific fund currently administered by the Foundation.

SECURITIES – Marketable or closely-held securities may be contributed and you can deduct the full fair market value as a charitable contribution, thus avoiding capital gains tax on the appreciation.

REAL ESTATE – Gifts of real estate afford the same tax advantages to you, the donor, as gifts of appreciated securities – a deduction for the appraised value and avoidance of capital gains tax on the appreciation. In some instances it may be beneficial you to make a gift of future interest in a residence while retaining a life interest for yourself and spouse.

LIFE INSURANCE – Can be used to fund a gift at relatively low cost to you. You can gift a new policy or turn over an existing policy and name the Community Foundation as owner/beneficiary. By assigning ownership to the Community Foundation, you receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction in the amount of the policy’s present value. Additional premiums gifted to the Community Foundation are tax deductible, and proceeds pass to charity free of estate tax.

BEQUESTS – After providing for loved ones, you can make bequests to the Community Foundation in your will or trust. Federal estate and state inheritance taxes are saved and the good works you care about continue to benefit through a legacy created in the Community Foundation.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS – A future gift may be made through a charitable remainder trust that pays a lifetime income to you or to a family member. Upon your death or the named beneficiary, the remainder passes to the Community Foundation to create a fund for whatever charitable purposes you have specified.

CHARITABLE LEAD TRUSTS – Converse to a charitable remainder trust, you may create immediate income to a specific fund in the Community Foundation for a period of years, with the remainder returning to you or, with proper estate planning, passing to children or grandchildren.

RETIREMENT PLANS – You can use retirement plan assets [401(k), 403(b)] to create a fund in the Community Foundation.

PRIVATE FOUNDATION TRANSFER – Existing private foundations may choose to transfer assets to the Community Foundation. By doing so, gain public charity status and avoid the excise tax, payout rate, federal and state tax returns, and other administrative costs or tasks that burden private foundations. And there is the satisfaction of knowing that a permanent organization is in place to administer the fund in perpetuity.

There is so much more we’d like for you to know. For more information and ideas on ways to integrate your financial planning with charitable giving, ask your financial advisor or contact the Siouxland Community Foundation.

Established Funds

Siouxland Community Foundation Administrative Fund – Help to support the administration work of the Siouxland Community Foundation including 200+ funds and over $2 million in annual community distributions.

Fund For Siouxland –

Siouxland Community Foundation Special Purpose Fund – to provide financial resources and to accept contributions to qualified organizations and nonprofit agencies within our service area for short-term and specific needs of the community, as deemed appropriate by the Foundations’ Board of Directors.

Designated Funds
Funds created by donors to perpetually benefit a particular nonprofit organization of personal interest.

Accelerated Math and Science Fund
Big Springs Baptist Church Fund
Boys Club of Sioux City Endowment Fund
Briar Cliff University Endowment Fund
Colin Jensen Administrative Fund
Colin Jensen Endowment for the Boys Club of Sioux City
Colin Jensen Endowment for Girls Inc. of Sioux City
Colin Jensen Endowment for Pearson Lakes Art Center
Colin & Pokey Jensen Endowment for Sunrise Retirement Foundation
Crittenton Center Fund
Delaine C. Peterson Fund
Elizabeth M. Jensen Endowment Fund for Pearson Lakes Art Center
Endowment for Mental Health
Frances J. Sadden Endowment Fund
Heelan High School Endowment Fund
Irving F. Jensen Foundation Fund for Morningside College
Irving Jensen Endowment for the Orpheum Theatre
Irving Jensen Endowment for the Sioux City Public Museum
Lavonne P. Gall Civic Ballet Fund
Mary J. Treglia Community House Endowment Fund
Mary Long Kuchel Fund
Mitch Merrill Siouxland Jr. Golf Fund
Mr. & Mrs. William Rodawig Fund
Robert L. Gleeson Administrative Fund
Robert V. Williams Legacy Fund
Sioux City Schools Foundation Fund
Sioux City Jewish Cemetery Association Fund
St. Mary’s Catholic Church Fund
Stellart Sanford Foundation Fund
Woodbury Central School Foundation Endowment Fund

Nonprofit (Agency) Funds
Funds established by nonprofit organizations to help sustain their mission and services provided in Siouxland.

Camp High Hopes Endowment Fund
Catholic Charities
Community Action Agency of Siouxland
Food Bank of Siouxland Endowment Fund
Junior League of Sioux City Endowment Fund
Junior League of Sioux City Special Purpose Fund
LaunchPAD Children’s Museum of Siouxland Endowment Fund
Mary Elizabeth Day Care Center Fund
Opportunities Unlimited Endowment Fund
Plymouth County Historical Museum Endowment Fund
Plymouth County Historical Museum Renovations Fund
Railroad Museum Endowment Fund
Remsen Heritage Museum Endowment Fund
Remsen Heritage Museum Renovations Fund
Rosecrance Jackson Endowment Fund
Safe Space Siouxland Endowment Fund
Saturday in the Park Endowment Fund
Shesler Hall Endowment Fund
Sioux City Chamber Music Association Endowment Fund
Sioux City Chamber Music Association Special Purpose Fund
Sioux City Concert Course Endowment Fund
Sioux City Jewish Cemetery Association Endowment Fund
Sioux City Public Museum Education / Exhibit Endowment Fund
Sioux City Public Museum Special Purpose Fund
STARS Endowment Fund
STARS Special Purpose Fund
Sunrise Retirement Foundation Endowment
Tri-State Graduate Center Endowment Fund
United Way of Siouxland Endowment Fund
Women Aware Endowment Fund
Woodbury County Conservation Foundation Endowment Fund

Field of Interest Funds
Funds established by donors to make a difference in an area of personal interest.

Bob & Ginny Peterson Fund
Chieftain Electric Charitable Fund
Excellence in Education Fund
United Airlines Trust Fund

Advised Funds
Fund Advisors has the flexibility to recommend grants from the fund.

Brian McCormick Endowment Fund
Dave and Shelly Larson Fund
Dr. Quentin & Susan Durward Charitable Fund
Fred Holcomb Legacy Fund
Gabriel Clausen Legacy Fund
Gail Dorn Charitable Fund
Gunsch Family Charitable Fund
Dr. Matthew & Apryl Johnson Charitable Fund
Junior League of Sioux City- William Johnson Fund for Children
Kirby &  Linda Roberts Legacy Fund
Dr. Patrick & Lori Walsh Charitable Fund
Mark & Susan Wheeler Charitable Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Aalfs Charitable Fund
Robert L. Peterson Fund for Children
Sioux City Public Schools Music Participation Endowment
Siouxland Foundation Against Homelessness
Steven & Mary VandeBrake Charitable Fund
Wrede & Barbara Smith Legacy Fund
The RAG Fund

Affiliate Funds
Community Foundation affiliate funds allow donors to target their charitable giving
at home for the benefit of their community or county.

Akron Community Foundation

  • Community Endowment Fund

Community Foundation of Lyon County (CFLC)

  • CFLC Endowment Fund

Hartley Community Foundation (HCF)

  • Community Endowment Fund
  • HCF Operating Fund
  • Hartley Historic Preservation Museum Fund
  • Hartley Historic Preservation Chapel Fund

Hawarden Community Foundation

  • Community Endowment Fund

Hinton Community School District Foundation

  • General Fund
  • Library Fund
  • Playground Fund
  • Technology Fund

Ida County Community Betterment Foundation (ICCBF)

  • ICCBF Endowment Fund
  • ICCBF Operating Fund
  • ICCBF Special Purpose Fund
  • Ida County Education Enhancement Fund
  • Doescher Family Scholarship Fund
  • Ronald G. Petersen Scholarship Fund
  • Ida Grove Community Recreation Center Endowment Fund
  • Ida Grove Community Recreation Center Sustaining Fund
  • Ida Grove Community Recreation Center Scholarship Fund

Ireton Community Foundation

  • Community Endowment Fund

Monona County Community Partners Foundation (MCCPF)

  • MCCPF Endowment Fund
  • MCCPF Operating Fund
  • MCCPF Special Purpose Fund

Moville Community Foundation Endowment Fund

O’Brien County Community Foundation (OBCCF)

  • OBCCF Endowment Fund
  • OBCCF Operating Fund
  • OBCCF Special Purpose Fund

Sergeant Bluff-Luton Community School Foundation

  • Education Enhancement Fund
  • General Endowment Fund
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Operating Fund
  • Kiwanis Scholarship Fund

Sioux County Community Foundation (SCCF)

  • SCCF Endowment Fund
  • SCCF Operating Fund
  • SCCF Special Purpose Fund
  • Sioux Center Fine Arts Endowment Fund

Wakefield Community Foundation (WCF)

  • WCF Endowment Fund
  • WCF Discretionary Fund
  • WCF Graves Park Forever Fund
  • Leo Robert Clough Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret Cisney American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Fund
  • Marvin Borg Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Merlin “Lefty” Olson Scholarship Fund
  • Wakefield Community Scholarship
  • WHS Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • WHS Class of 1955 Scholarship Fund
  • WHS Track Fund
  • WCF/WCS Special Purpose Fund

Westwood Community Schools Foundation

Scholarship Funds (as of 5.1.2021)
Funds established by donors to assist deserving students in their pursuit of a post-secondary education.

Affiliate Community Foundation Scholarships:

1St Financial Bank USA Scholarship Fund
Adam D. Ellis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Baker/Suter Services Scholarship Fund
Ben Uhl and Sarah Murray Family Scholarship
Boyle Endowment Nursing Studies
Clifford E. Perry Scholarship Fund for Hinton Community Schools
Col. V. Thomas Considine Scholarship Fund
Curtis R. Turner PLTW Scholarship Fund
Diane Dempster-Gross Music Scholarship
Doescher Family Scholarship
Dr. Roger F. and Anita R. Wendt Memorial Scholarship Fund
Duane & Shirley Hiller Student Athlete Scholarship Fund
E.E. & Helen Maxwell Family Scholarship
Elizabeth L. Jensen – Girls Inc. Scholarship
empirical foods Scholarship Fund
Eugene Windehausen Annual Scholarship
Flight Crew (United 232) Scholarship Fund
Great West Casualty Co. Scholarship Fund
Greater Sioux City Press Club Scholarship Fund
Gwen’s Wish Endowment Fund
HCF/ Cloy & Connie Olhausen Scholarship
Herrold “Mr. A” Asmussen Memorial Scholarship Fund
John C. Heuck Scholarship Fund
Jonathan David Phillips Performing Arts Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joshua M. Lester Scholarship Fund
Karen Linder Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kind World Foundation Scholarship Fund
Robert Larson Family Scholarship Fund
Lawton Centennial Scholarship Fund
Macfarlane Family Scholarship Fund
Martin, Bernice, and Allan Falk Scholarship
Mercy Medical Center Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship Fund
Nancy Conway Luikart Music Scholarship Fund
Paul Lindberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard M. Brown and Sima J. Brown USD Knudson School of Law Scholarship in honor of Govenor Kristi Noem
Robert Larson Family Scholarship Fund
Ruth and Tom Schuldt Scholarship Fund
Ruth Van Voorhis Scholarship Fund
Sergeant Bluff-Luton Community School Foundation Scholarship
Sergeant Bluff Kiwanis Silver and Blue Scholarship
Solid and Wattenberg Scholarship Fund
The Margaret Cisney American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship Fund
Tristate Graduate Center Scholarship
USS Sioux City Educational Funding Assistance Program
United Airlines Trust Fund Scholarships
Walt Fiegel Scholarship Fund
Windeshausen Scholarship Fund

Non-Endowed Special Purpose Funds
Temporary funds established to benefit a particular cause or campaign.

Creating & Celebrating Kindness with Art
Hunger Free Kids Special Purpose Fund of the Sioux County Community Foundation
Marshall Morse Fund
One Siouxland
Sioux City Public Schools Foundation Science Lab Fund
Sioux City Public Schools Foundation Special Purpose Fund
Skate Park Fund